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Irrelevant keywords are costing you money at this very moment. This free tool can save you thousands of dollars in PPC budget in minutes.

Using this tool

How to Save PPC Budget in Less Than 30 Minutes

  1. Download & Format Your Search Term Report

    5 min

    A search term report allows you to see the list of queries that Google has matched to the keywords you’re bidding on. Check out the one-minute video below on how to create and download this report from Google Ads.

  2. Securely Upload Your CSV

    2 min

    We’ll run it through our database to check for irrelevant keywords across your account that are spending money, but not converting. We've built Saving Ben to complete the analysis with your privacy and security in mind. Your upload is anonymous, and we delete it as soon as we finish running it through the tool.

  3. Review Your Results

    5 min

    The next page will show you the top five keyword groups that seem to be wasting your PPC budget. For each group, you'll get a list of negative keywords to review and consider adding to your account.

  4. Negate Irrelevant Keywords

    10 min

    You can negate keywords at the campaign or account level to save some major bucks. Here’s a post on how to add negative keywords within Google Ads.

  5. Count the Bens!

    5 min

    This is the fun part! Level up these savings and show your impact. Here’s an Excel template you can download. We use this to forecast how much a negative keyword would have spent over the course of a year. Cheers to saving some bens!

How To

Download & Format Your Search Term Report


In this one-minute video, we’ll show you how to create, export, and format a search term report that you can upload to Saving Benjamin Lite.

You only need 4 columns:

  • Column A: Search term
  • Column B: Clicks
  • Column C: Cost
  • Column D: Conversions

Get an example file here. Please note: Saving Benjamin Lite has a file size limit of 20 MB.

Why Wait?

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Make sure your .CSV meets the formatting requirements noted above.

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Frequently Asked

  • How are you keeping my data safe?

    We've built Saving Ben Lite to complete the analysis with your privacy and security in mind. Your upload is anonymous, and we delete it as soon as we finish running it through the tool. If you still are not able to use this form, contact us here and we can run this offline for you. Read our full privacy policy here.

  • What is a search term report?

    A search term (or search query) report allows you to see the list of queries that Google has decided to match to a keyword.

  • What is a negative keyword?

    Let’s say you are selling rock climbing gear. You are bidding on the broad keyword “climbing gear.” Google could match you to the query “playground climbing equipment” (stranger matches have happened). You want to add playground as an negative keyword because it is not relevant to your business at all.

  • How do I add negative keywords?

    This post will show you how to add negative keywords to your account in Google Ads.

  • How much time will it take to use this tool?

    Normally, analysis of a search query report would take hours, and even then there’s a lot you can miss based on the sheer size of the dataset. The process outlined above should take you no more than 30 minutes.

  • What if I don’t have access to Google Ads?

    If another department or team manages your account, send them this one-minute video. It will show them how to easily pull the report for you in moments.

  • How do I report on saved PPC budget?

    Our team uses this template to track negative keywords and to forecast how much they would have spent over the course of a year. This is super helpful, because many content efforts are underfunded. When you track savings, it opens up possibilities for using that budget for other mission-critical marketing initiatives.

  • How does this tool work?

    It starts with a tool we built for clients, Saving Benjamin Pro. Saving Ben Pro helped us produce a database of search terms created by querying massive amounts of search terms automatically from the Google Ads API. These terms have been evaluated at scale using signals from organic results, competition, and conversion volume to understand relevance.

    Long story short: we built this tool using our breadth of data across industries, years of experience in both paid and organic search, and knack for automation.

  • Why did you build Saving Benjamin Lite?

    Saving Ben Lite is a negative keyword tool designed to save time and money. It is one of many tools and processes we've developed to identify wasted PPC spend quickly and at-scale. We named it Saving Ben Lite because we’re big nerds who are passionate about our Philly roots and 90s rap.

    If you want to learn more about Saving Benjamin Pro, check out this blog post.

About Seer

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Working at Seer

Seer Interactive is a performance-based digital marketing agency specializing in Paid Media, SEO, Analytics, Data Strategy, Creative, & CRO.

We’ve challenged our team and our industry to Stop Guessing. Every time you guess, you bring bias and risk into your conclusions. That’s why every single division at Seer, from search to creative, opens up a data set before we open our mouths.

We know that when we stop guessing, we can save you money, connect you to customers, and break down the silos that stifle your marketing efforts.

About Saving Benjamin

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Seer's San Diego office

We, like many PPC agencies, get paid on a percentage of client’s spend. So why are we looking to reduce that spend? Because this is bigger than short-term profit.

This is about the responsibility we have to our clients. It's about not giving Google a dime more than needed to move the needle for your business. It's about investing that spend back into efforts that connect you to your customers.