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How to Save PPC Budget in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Grab Your Data

    Download your Search Term Report out of Google Ads into a .CSV.

  2. Format Your Data

    You only need 4 columns:

    1. Column A Search term
    2. Column B Clicks
    3. Column C Cost
    4. Column D Conversions

    Get rid of everything else. Example file here.

  3. Upload It Below

    Your data is secure and private. We've built Saving Ben to complete the analysis with your privacy in mind - keeping your upload anonymous and removing it immediately.

    If you're a Fortune 100 Company, we understand you still may not be able to use this form. Contact us here and we can run this offline for you.

  4. Review Your Results

    The next page will show you the top five keyword groups that seem to be wasting your PPC budget. We'll give you a list of negative keywords to review and consider adding to your account.

  5. Negate Irrelevant Keywords

    You can negate keywords at the campaign or account level to save some major bucks. Here's a post on how to add negative keywords within Google Ads.

A visual walk through of how to pull and format your data.

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Make sure your .CSV meets the formatting requirements noted above.

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